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12th Jun, 2009


(no subject)

[short] summary of the past 2½ months.

Last Competition day was awesome, as usual. The theme was pink and were were 'suikerspinnen' (sugar tenons?). Our outfits were the best, but unfortunately we didn't win first prize. Was quite drunk, so it was a good night ;)

PicturessssCollapse )

The first weekend of May my team and I went away for a weekend to Limburg. It was so much fun, we had a bbq and we had a ride on a covered wagon(?) and did a quiz. Which probably sounds very lame but we just laughed a lot ;)
And me, marga and eef went swimming on saturday evening, the swimming pool was outside so it was quite cold :p and on sunday rode a 'skeltertrein' lol and I was behind the steering wheel! ;) And we played midget golf and after that we took a picture, and then jumbed.. and then my foot/ankle hurt really badly and I could barely walk.. But oh well ;)
More picturessssCollapse )

Umm then end of May it was time for ODI-camp ;) and it was great! The weather was perfect! But on friday evening I drank too much so I got sick at 9.30pm lol.. bit early ;) Two people helped me get into my tent cause I wasn't really able to walk alone anymore.. But saturday night was fun, I decided to stay sober ;) Becauseeee
On monday, wednesday en thursday that week I had exams ;) They actually went quite well, especially the exam of monday lol.

Then it was my 20th birthday. I had already celebrated it for my family on the 10th of May, together with Sim's and Bri's birthdays. and on the 5th I celebrated it for my friends. So on saturday I didn't do much, went to see my grandma and watched a movie.

Yesterday I had a resit exam of the previous period, but unfortunately I didn't pass :( which really sucks cause now I have to do it over next year. But hopefully they'll change the norm, cause I think lots of people didn't pass.

That was it really... short summary eh ;) I'll try to update more often, but I probably won't. ;)

Tomorrow: Beachvolleybal in Belgium
Last weekend of June: Beachvolleyball weekend Reusel :D
4 july - 9 july: Bratislava/Vienna!! :D

29th Mar, 2009

Emma Vogue

(no subject)

This is seriously freaking me out..
In the last month or so about 4 people in this area have killed themselves.. And three of them were around my age..
The 1st one was the ex-girlfriend of my neighbour (his sister is one of my friends). She was depressed for quite a while and had also been admitted (?) to a institution/hospital for some months. But that weekend she was allowed to go home and she took an overdose of her drugs.
The 2nd one was a girl from my age, I didn't know her very well but still.. She had lived in Amsterdam with some loverboys and she had just heard that the loverboy wasn't being charged.. She hung herself..
The 3rd one was a father of three kids. I think he was depressed, not sure.. But he shot himself and one of his kids found him..
The 4th one happened last night.. It was the brother of one of my sisters' friends... He's also my age.. He hung himself and I'm not quite sure they already know why he did it..

God it's just so terrible..

25th Feb, 2009

Emma Vogue


Sooo what's new.. A plane crashed down near Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.. which is weird.. Fortunately most people survived, 9 people died (which is of course terrible, but it could've been so much worse).

And what's up with me? I want a boyfriend. The only problem is that I'm not in love with anyone. There's this one boy, he's a year younger, but I've only spoken to hime once for five minutes, then he added me on www.hyves.nl and posted some messages on my hyve.. and now I've heard from a few people that he's in love with me :/ How can you be in love with someone if you've only met once for 5 mins? (Not counting 'love at first sight' ;)).

Psychology is going good.. passed all my exams so far and I'm still enjoying it :) Also passed my Spanish exams in December (so now I have 'Spanish A2), and I'm currently doing an English course (Cambridge Proficiency level :)). Exams are in May/June, but it won't be an official exam since that would cost more than 100/200 euro.

It was Carnaval this weekend, but only went 2 of the 5 days. I'm not really into it.
Well seriously, not much interesting stuff happened to me.. I also have volleyball practice on monday now, with a differen (higher) team. It's fun, but also a bit nerve-wracking.

Oh and at the moment I'm a huuuuuge House and Bones fan. I love Fox. Both shows are so good, and I realllly want Cuddy/House and Brennan/Booth together! :p Brennan is seriously just so funny. I think she's a bit autistic.
And it really makes me wish I could be a doctor or forensic anthropologist or someone from the FBI. I know, I'm such a dreamer ;)

That's it for now! I have 2 exams in 2 weeks + an essay due that week (about Schizophrenia). Sooo this week instead of enjoying my holiday, I'm reading a lotttt.

23rd Nov, 2008

Emma Vogue

(no subject)

It snowed!! But it's more ice than snow lol..
Quick update about the last 2 months;

Passed both my exams, yay! I'm so glad I don't have to do the re-sits (early january, so right after New Year :/)!

Volleyball is going really well, until yesterday actually ;) Yesterday we lost our first game (with 0-4, ouch..), but hopefully we can still become champion this year..

I went to the musical Sunset Boulevard on friday, and it was fantastic!!!! We had Pia Douwes as Norma Desmond, and she's so great...
http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=RP6Rm1uiNo8 (this is during a musical sing along, a few months before the musical started).
I want to go again :p

Other than that... I'm quite busy with school, Spanish exams are getting closer, and I have to read a lot for Psychology..

And on the 12th I went to Ev in Leuven :D Which was lots of fun! 

28th Aug, 2008

Emma Vogue

(no subject)

Oh Ev, you better not read this if you don't want to know any spoilers about McLeod's ;)

No. No no no!!
I knooow it's just a TV show, but Alex can't have died!!! He just got back from Argentina to be with his wife and unborn child!!!
And now Stevie had their son, just after he died..

And urgh, Channel 9 isn't broadcasting McLeod's atm, they still haven't said when it will return.. In the meantime they're putting the episodes online one by one, but of course only for Australian fans! :( I tried to download it but you need a Hiro thingy.. which I also downloaded but it still realises that I'm not from Australia..


21st Aug, 2008

Emma Vogue

The last 3 months

Ok, so I haven't updated for almost 3 months, but I've still checked LJ every now and then.. I was just too lazy to type something.
I'll just summarise what I've been up to, cause otherwise this entry is going to be really long.

Well, first of all of course my 19th birthday ;) That was also the day I had my last European Studies exam. I celebrated my birthday a week earlier for my family and a week later for my friends.
Then somewhere mid-june, we had a team-day, we biked about 60km.. seriously my butt hurt for days. But it was fun anyway. Oh a day before Jan got back from Canada (he'd been there for 9 months).
I worked a LOT in June, almost every day. And then the last weekend of June there was the Reusel Beachvolleyball Weekend. Helped a lot and played a lot of volleybal.. great weekend.

Again, worked a lot. Then went to Lloret de Mar (Spain) from the 14th till the 23rd with 5 friends. We had a nice apartment, about 2 mins from the beach, and the weather was perfect so we could just walk in our bikinis/skirts to the beach and back. Most of the days we just slept in, went to the swimmingpool (on the roof) or the beach, had some dinner and went out (which actually was quite fun ;)). We also went to Barcelona for one day (beautiful city) and to Water World.
Also in July, I finally decided that I'm going to study Psychology. I'm still not completely sure about it, cause there are so many other interesting studies, but I've made my decision. Unfortunately I can't go to Utrecht cause there were only a certain number of places, and there were about 300 too many registrations.. So I'm going to Tilburg, which is fine with me (it's quite close to my town). I might go to Utrecht in my second year, but I'll see about later.

Uhmm on the 12th of August I went on an introduction camp of Psychology, about 80 of the 250/300 first years were there, so I already got to know quite a few nice people :) On thursday we did some reallly gross games, which involved a lot of eggs, flour, pudding and water.. and the showers there weren't that great :/
Got home on friday afternoon, and left for Berlin on saturday morning at 6am.. Went with my sister (Simone) by car. I also got to drive in Germany, which is great cause in some parts of Germany there's no speedlimit ;) So I got to drive about 150km/h (Once I drove 165, but my sis didn't want me to do that, and a few times 160, which was ok but after I while it was too crowded on the highways, so couldn't do that very often). Butttt they were working on the roads in quite a few places, and on the way back (when I was driving) there was a speedlimit of 60km/h (so you have to slow down about 90km/h :/) and you can easily drive 80 there, which I did (or 90, not sure).. All of a sudden I saw a red flash in front of me, and before I realised what it was, there was another one...  I soo hope that was not a fine..

And now I'm home again! Going on mini-camp tomorrow evening as leader, hope the weather will be a bit good..

26th May, 2008

Emma Vogue

(no subject)

ODI-camp was fantastic!!!!
The party on friday night was great! They only have wine & beer in the party tent but I brought my own stuff so I was pretty tipsy by the time we went to the tent.. Took a lots of pictures, especially of Kira, Ruby & me lol :p We didn't go to bed too late but that was fine with me since we had to get up at 8.30am the next morning and play volleyball all day..
We had purple t-shirt, on the front "Odidas 2008 VC Pegasus Reusel" (Odidas instead of Adidas ;)), and on the back "Ga toch krassen.. dan winnen we nog eens wat" (which is an advertisement about lottery tickets, that if you buy these you'll finally win something ;) which was quite appropriate for use since we didn't win many games ;))

The weather on saturday was really nice, around 23 degrees I think and quite sunny. So perfect volleyball weather ;) We only won 2 of the 5 games (2 sets per game), but that's alright cause we never do well with ODI ;) The teams from Poland/Germany/Czech Republic etc are normally much better cause I think they are being selected (only a few teams from those countries can come) and they realllly come to win.. and we mainly come to party :p Also, the teams from the volleyball schools and Nevobo are better since only the best players can go there ;) I was a bit crancky at the end of the afternoon cause I only played 2 sets at(?) my own position (I played 7 of the 10 sets on saturday).. so blurgh :p

Saturday night there was another party :) I didn't drink as much as the night before since there was not much time left between dinner and the party, but it was still fun ;)
On sunday we had to get up at 8am :/ we only had to play three games mwaha so we finished at around 1.30pm, but the prize-giving wasn't until 5.30 so we had to wait 4 hours!!! But it was worth it (will tell that later). Of course I ate waaay to much during the tournament.. I believe about 4 hamburgers, three cheese soufflés (I think it's something different in english), 2 or 3 large melon pieces.. and that's without breakfast and dinner.. But oh well ;p

Then... all weekend we tried to win the 'Spirit of Tournament' prize, which is a prize for the club that is on time for the games (so they don't have to call your name through the mic, which only happened to us twice this weekend but that was so stupid cause we were like 10 meters away from the playing field!!), that pays their registration fee on time (which we didn't :p), and that doesn't cause any trouble, and keeps everything clean.. One of our 'leaders'/coaches knew some of the people from the organisation and she tried to sweet talk them :p and one of them texted some of the others that Pegasus Reusel should win it.. And that coach + a girl from my team stayed on saturday night until the tent closed (they had already cleaned everything and all the other teams were gone) and helped cleaning a bit (she picked some plastic cups up from the ground, even though just before closing time she threw them all in the crowd (some of them half full)..
Apparently she and one of our other coaches had known all sunday afternoon that we would win the prize cause they had sat with the organisation a few hours earlier, but they didn't tell us! So we were fantasising what we were gonna do if we'd win, what song we were gonna sing etc.. :p AND WE WON!!! :p lmao that was the only prize we won ;) And it was great :D


30th Apr, 2008

Emma Vogue


Soooo here are about 10 pictures of Last Competition Day ;)
Oh and remember, we were supposed to look serious ;)

21st Apr, 2008

Emma Vogue

(no subject)

It's been like 2½ months, but oh well..

On saturday it was Last Competition Day, so partyyyyyyyyy. The theme was Rich & Famous, and we were the ladies of 'Miljoenenjacht' lmao.. We won first prize!!!! (we were in black though... I was wearing a blonde wig and a short black skirt) pics will follow later but my teammate hasn't put them online yet.

I drank way too much :/ I must've been so annoying cause at one point I got hold of a permanent marker pen and wrote my autograph on everyone's arms.. and they on mine... + I got new sunglasses, not sure who they belong to..

Lol Marleen was hilarious. She's one of my teammates, she's the eldest (27) and I'm the youngest ;) She was quite drunk. The music stopped around 1.45am, but we stayed there till 2.15/2.30am and then we wanted to go a disco(?) or to a snackbar to buy fries. I had to bike Marleen, so you can imagine how that went since I had drunken quite a lot and Marleen wasn't sitting still. We called her boyfriend like 10 times since he was still at the gym (he was the dj) and they were supposed to call a cab to get home.. So we went to the town centre but in Reusel you can't go to a disco after 1.30am (only go out), and all the snackbars were closed!!! So we got some 'frikandellen' and 'kroketten' from a machine in the wall :p The next morning Marleen texted me; "Jezus why didn't you stop me?! Do you have a hangover too?" But actually I felt quite alright the next morning :D

Oh, and HE (+ pic) was there as well.. I still have a crush on him, he's just so cute!! he played his last volleyball game at our club on saturday, I believe he's gonna do full time beach volleyball. So I probably wil 'never' see him again, cause their volleyball practices on tuesdays stopped, and that's the only day we got volleyball practice... BUT I did write my autograph on his arm! MWAHAHA He has a girlfriend for quite a while now and I think they're even moving in together, so I better just forget about him.

That's about it I think.. not much has happened. Oh yeah I think I'm gonna quit European Studies ;) Quite certain now. Not sure what I'm gonna do next year; either a social study or languages... The perfect study would be a social study (psychology or something) WITH a foreign language ;) Dream on eh...

4th Feb, 2008

Emma Vogue


It's carnaval! :D
Pics of me as a bee;

Holidaaaay! :D

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